The intensive advanced level professional dance programme provides the dancer with the necessary bridge between academic training and the professional world. We produce versatile dancers with a great classical and contemporary technique with which to develop their artistic identity, working directly with internationally renowned choreographers and teachers. Participants have the opportunity to do stage practice through the company África Guzmán Dance Project.

The Professional Dance Programme – África Guzmán Dance Project provides dancers with the necessary bridge between their academic training and the professional world. Aiming for artistic excellence and within a rigorously professional environment, the dancer is provided with a complete advanced level of training through classes, workshops and performances with the company África Guzmán Dance Project.

AGDP is the opportunity for students to discover the reality of the profession, working directly with choreographers, performing on stage and covering a wide repertoire of different styles and thus developing their artistic identity and stage skills.

The Professional Dance Programme – Africa Guzman Dance Project  addresses the needs of dancers from the age of 17 producing versatile dancers who have experienced a wide range of technical skills. Throughout the year, dancers will have guest teachers and workshops with choreographers that offer dancers an artistic openness and make them adaptable to diverse and new proposals.

AGDP’s diverse programming presents a wide range of repertoire and styles, encompassing classical ballet, neoclassical, contemporary and new avant-garde works. The purpose is to enable young dancers to work with choreographers and thus approach a varied repertoire representative of today’s professional dance community.

AGDP provides a complete training for the dancer that enables them to acquire the level of technical and artistic ability expected by today’s professional choreographers and companies.

In addition, AGDP makes it easier for you to enter the professional world by preparing you for auditions and giving you individual advice. Once the complete training has been completed, the dancer will be able to obtain video and photographic material.

The AGDP professional programme runs from September to June and lasts for one academic year, with the possibility of three more years depending on the evolution, potential and development of the student. In the morning time table, in an exclusive environment, it provides you with personalised attention and work.

Meet the teachers and choreographers who have worked on our professional programme:

África Guzmán, María Europa Guzmán, Jose Carlos Martínez, Carlos Valcárcel, Gonzalo García, Barbara Fritsche, Francisco Lorenzo, Clyde Archer, Allan Fallieri, Eduardo Vallejo, Mariano Cardano, Javier Monzón, Rafael Rivero, Fernando Troya, Luisa María Arias, Victor Mateos Arellano, Rosina Gil, Gigí Graspp.

The Professional Dance Programme Africa Guzman Dance Project is a springboard for the professional integration of students and paves the way for their future career. Master classes, choreographic workshops and performance opportunities through the company Africa Guzman Dance Project are the backbone of this project.


  • To enhance the dancer’s artistic and human capacities.
  • To develop a high technical level in classical and contemporary dance.
  • To acquire versatility of styles.
  • To support students to become professional dancers in a constantly changing artistic and socio-economic environment.
  • To produce high quality performances and choreographies that provide dancers with artistic growth and enhance their stage experience.
  • To provide dancers with training that enables them to acquire the level of technical and artistic ability expected by today’s professional choreographers and companies for their integration.
  • To consolidate a professional dance programme of reference in Madrid and Spain.


A unique set of internships for advanced level students, allowing dancers from all over the world to experience an intensive period of training in Madrid.

Interns follow the same curriculum as year-round students, participating in regular classes, workshops, and performances (where appropriate).


You can audition by sending us your CV and a link with a video of ballet class, contemporary, repertoire and performances to or you can come and meet us at the school by appointment.


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